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Battery Safety

Understanding the limitations of different battery ratings is central to safe mechanical mod use and the coiling of atomisers with compatible impedance

The page below has a clear explanation of what you need to know about batteries when vaping with mods.  At the end of the article there is other pertinent information too.

RSM Hybrids are a mechanical mod, they do not incorporate circuitry to protect against low impedance atomiser coils, overheating, short circuits or anything else. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the atomiser coil has a resistance within the specification of the battery’s tolerance and that no ‘hard’ shorts occur. We are happy to give advice on coil construction in the shop, there is also a wealth of video tutorials on YouTube.

You should always check that your atomiser coil has appropriate electrical resistance with the use of a multi-meter Ohm’s tester, before powering it.

Some RSM Hybrids contain bronze - this is a very electrically conductive metal which has been chosen for it's great performance - but it does require maintenance to continue performing at it's very best. We are happy to advise you how to de-construct and clean the atomiser head and firing button.

Note: The power button is countersunk to help avoid accidental firing, if the power button is not sufficiently screwed together the countersink is lost and will therefor fire when stood on it’s end.

The majority of RSM products are made from high quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great material to make atomisers from - but it is 'stain resistant' - not 'impossible to stain'. To care for your atomiser & keep it in pristine condition, please ensure that it is washed in warm soapy water & thoroughly dried occasionally (paying particular attention to areas where water may gather, such as the inside top cap features) to keep it in perfect condition.

The size of a battery should always be the same for given a battery model, for example:a 18500 battery should measure 18mm  diameter x  500mm length. In reality some manufacturers make their batteries in slightly different sizes to other manufacturers, add to this the choice between flat top and nipple top batteries it makes size variation inevitable. Many mod manufacturers compensate for this size variation by incorporating a spring as either the positive or negative battery contact, the downside of this approach is that a spring (basically being a coil of wire)  can add unwanted resistance to the circuit contributing to power drop off. Mods that have control circuitry compensate for this by adjusting the output back up as it falls. Mechanical mods output is not regulated and therefor anything that introduces resistance will impair it’s performance. The RSM Hybrid has an adjustable positive pin at the bottom of the head where it contacts the battery, this contact can be gently turned clockwise to adjust for slightly larger batteries and anti-clockwise for slightly smaller ones.

The output of most mod batteries is in the range of 4.2v to 3.6v, the output voltage slowly reduces while in use. It is inadvisable to continue to drain the battery once its output has fallen bellow 3.6v because this can damage the battery. Generally it is recommended that you recharge your battery (on a suitable charger designed for that type of battery) once your battery’s output drops noticeably,  normally at about 3.8v.

The probability is that anyone who invests in a Rocket Science Mods Hybrid will already be well versed with the precautions necessary when using a mechanical mod. If there is any aspect of the RMS Hybrid that you are not 100% certain of please ask us to explain and/or show you. We are here to help.