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The KiK AeroTank clearomiser has a replaceable atomiser coil, one is fitted when you buy it. The atomiser typically gives 1 to 4 weeks satisfactory service of normal daily use before it needs to be replaced, you will notice a reduced efficiency of vapour production or a slight burnt taste when replacement of the atomiser is due.

The base of the KiK AeroTank incorporates an air flow adjuster, turn the ring to adjust the air flow rate that you experience while vaping. Some vapers prefer a tight draw while others prefer a more open vape, with the KiK ProTank2 you can set this to suit your own preference.

To replace the atomiser coil hold the clearomiser up-side-down and unscrew the eGo base in an ant-clockwise direction whilst holding the clearomiser by it’s metal collar. The atomiser head is in the base from which it can be unscrewed by turning the knurled atomiser post, unscrewing it anti-clockwise. The replacement atomiser coil should be screwed firmly into the base and the base reattached to the clearomiser body. When reattaching the base only light force is needed, do not over-tighten. Whenever a new atomiser is fitted or a new clearomiser is used it should be allowed to stand for 2 or 3 mins once filled to allow the e-liquid to soak in.

To fill the KiK AeroTank hold it up-side-down and unscrew the eGo base in an ant-clockwise direction whilst holding the clearomiser by it’s metal collar. With the clearomiser held up-side-down and at a slight angle the e-liquid should be poured inside, down the side of the clear body - about ¾ of the way up. You should avoid getting e-liquid into the central chimney inside the clearomiser. The base should be refitted onto the cleaomiser by screwing it back on in a clockwise direction, this should be done firmly but not overly tight.

Use a paper tissue to wipe away any spillage or condensation buildup on the clearomiser, mouthpiece or base.

When attaching the clearomiser to the battery it should be screwed on in a clockwise direction while holding the metal collar of the clearomiser. Only apply light finger force when attaching the clearomiser, this is an electronic connection not a water-tight seal.

The body of the KiK AeroTank is made from plastic and may be damaged if dropped or bent. Please handle with some care. Our guarantee excludes accidental damage or miss-use of your ProTank.

If you are dependant on this product as your sole alternative to smoking we recommend keeping a spare KiK AeroTank  clearomiser or other KiK clearomiser, to use when it reaches the end of its useful life or is damaged.. Don’t risk returning to cigarettes through lack of preparation.

KiK AeroTank Clearomiser

Instructions are supplied with your KiK AeroTank clearomiser, we recommend that you read these and then retain them so that they may be referred to later if necessary.

Guide to KiK Clearomisers

KiK AeroTank