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KiK USB Charger

The KiK USB charging cable is designed for charging KiK eGo style batteries.

The USB plug should be attached to a USB socket with a stable and protected 5 volt, 0.5 amp output such as is often found on a PC or TV. Alternatively a KiK UK wall plug charger can be used.

It is important not to charge your KiK battery with generic USB wall chargers or those designed for another product.

The battery is attached to the charger via the eGo screw fitting. It should not be screwed on tightly, Applying too much pressure when attaching the battery can cause damage to the eGo fitting on the charging cable and/or the battery.

When charging, the indicator light on the charger shows red, once fully charged this becomes a steady green light.

Batteries should not be left unattended while on charge.

KiK E-Cigarette Battery Guide

 KiK  Variable Voltage 900mAh Grade 1 Rechargeable Battery

This eGo type Platinum core rechargeable e-cigarette battery has a single power button and an eGo type fitting at one end through which it is charged and onto which the clearomiser is attached while in use.

To power on the battery the power button should be clicked 5 times in rapid succession. When the battery is powered on the power button is pressed to deliver current to the clearomiser, the power button should be held on while inhaling vapour from the clearomiser.  To avoid accidental firing of your electronic cigarette while not in use it can be powered off by clicking the power button 5 times in rapid succession.  

The voltage output of this battery can be adjusted to give either a softer or more intense vapour. Turn the bottom knob clockwise to increase  the voltage or anti-clockwise to decrease it.

Once fully charged this battery has sufficient capacity to last throughout the day for most people, under normal usage. Once drained the clearomiser should be unscrewed from the battery, the battery can then be screwed onto the USB charging cable for recharging. You should not not attach the battery to the charging cable with more than a light finger tightness. The USB charging cable must be attached to a stable USB outlet such as a computer or a KiK UK wall plug USB charger. Phone, tablet or generic wall chargers must not be used because these may not have a compatible output. A light on the USB charging cable shows red whilst charging and changes to solid green once fully charged. Batteries should not be left unattended while charging and should be removed from the USB charging cable once charging is complete.

KiK electronic cigarette batteries are robust but they are not indestructible, care should be taken not to drop the battery or force the eGo charging/clearomiser fittiing. It is important not to store the battery with any metal object that may cause an electrical short, this includes pocket change. It should be kept in a moderate temperature environment, avoid leaving it in a hot car for example. If the battery starts to overheat or is physically damaged it must no longer be used and should be recycled responsibly.

The average expected life of this battery is approximately 300 recharging cycles. We guarantee the battery for a period of 6 months from purchase against manufacturing defect - accidental damage or miss-use is not covered by this guarantee. There are no consumer repairable parts in the battery, no attempt to open it should be made.

If you are dependant on this product as your sole alternative to smoking we recommend keeping a spare KiK electronic cigarette battery to use while it is on charge and as a replacement for when it reaches the end of its useful life or is damaged.. Don’t risk returning to cigarettes through lack of preparation.